Water-soluble lubricant

Product Use

Used for lubrication of latex products
Technical Parameter



Sensory indicators
transparent liquid
colorless or specified
physical and chemical indicators


heat resistant
After being kept at 40±1 ℃ for 24h, there was no significant difference in appearance before and after the test

Product Description
Water-based lubricants are colorless, odorless, safe and stable, and will not cause any harm to latex. At present, the product has been tested for the stability of emulsion products such as blasting pressure, water seepage, aging, and biocompatibility, and has been accepted and used by the majority of customers
Product Features
1. Easy to clean. Completely soluble in water, no need to wash afterwards.
2. High concentration of hyaluronic acid with different molecular weights. Lubricate the vagina while hydrating and nourishing the skin.
3. Silicone oil free formula. Can be completely absorbed by the human body, no residue.
Usage Method
Quality Guarantee Period
1. Packaging: 50KG, 1000KG or according to customer requirements.
2. This product is non-dangerous goods. Storage at room temperature, should pay attention to protect against rain and sun in transportation.
3. Pay attention to clean and avoid dust mixing when storing.
4. storage period: 3 years, beyond the storage period, after analysis if qualified can still be used.
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