carved brick mold

Product Use

cement brick, culture stone
cement sculpture, special-shaped cement products
Technical Parameter
Item number
milk white
Hardness(shore A)
Tear stength(kgf/c)
Linear shrinkage(%)
A:B mixed

Product Description
Mold silicone rubber (brick carving industry) is composed of two components A and B, A and B are liquid. After A/B is mixed evenly in A certain proportion (weight ratio), the silica gel is brushed or poured on the prototype of the product to be reworked. The mold can be completely cured at room temperature (25℃) for 4-8 hours
Product Features
It is recommended that the mold be put into use after 24 hours. At this time, the performance of all aspects of the mold is relatively stable and the effect will be better. The mould has the properties of acid and alkali resistance, aging resistance, low shrinkage resistance to deformation, high temperature resistance, good tear resistance, etc. It is widely used in turning over and mould making of cement industry products.
Usage Method
1. Pour A and B into the container in A certain proportion, and stir them evenly with an electric drill or A stirring rod. The bottom and walls of the container must be scraped well to make sure that the silica gel is mixed well with the curing agent.
2. After the silica gel and curing agent are stirred evenly, there is a 20-30 minutes early operation time. If there is a vacuum machine, the exhaust bubble can be carried out. The vacuum-pumping time should not be too long, but 3-5 minutes is enough under normal circumstances.
3. Generally, when pouring or brushing molds for medium or large products, it is recommended to pour or brush 2-3mm thick silica gel on the surface of the product to fully and completely contact with the prototype, and remove all the bubbles of rigidity (to ensure that there are no bubbles in the contact surface between silica gel and the prototype). When the colloids are semi-crosslinked, secondary or multiple pouring or brushing should be carried out.
Quality Guarantee Period
1. Packaging: 10KG, 25KG, 200KG or according to customer requirements.
2. This product is non-dangerous goods. Attention should be paid to rain and sun protection during transportation
3. Pay attention to cleaning when storing, avoid dust mixing and contact with acid and alkali.
4. Storage period: 10-12 months. After the storage period, it can still be used if qualified after analysis.
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